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Monday, April 4, 2016

IRIB To Discontinue Shortwave Broadcasts

I received the email below from Iran's IRIB English Radio on April 3rd...


IRIB English radio has recently planned to broadcast its programs via
Internet and satellite and based on this plan, the shortwave broadcast 
of our radio will be unfortunately discontinued. As a radio hobbyist 
and an audience of IRIB English Radio based in Tehran, Iran, what do 
you think about this idea? Do you think we should take this measure 
and act as we have planned or you still prefer to follow our programs 
via shortwave radio? Please let us know and help us to make the best 

I replied to the email and let them know that shortwave is still a necessary
service to many around the world, as not everyone can always have access
to the internet. Besides that, shortwave signals are more difficult to block by
hostile governments than radio signals are. If you want to add your two cents,
email Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting at