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Friday, October 26, 2012

Recent shortwave logs from Euless, TX

Country in brackets is the country of transmission. If 
two countries are in brackets, first one is transmitter site,
followed by the country of origin. After that, the date, 
time and frequency in kHz is listed.  All times in UTC and 
all stations  heard on TECSUN PL-380 portable with the 
radio's  telescoping whip antenna. All stations heard from
a second floor patio in Euless, TX, USA. 

[RWANDA/GERMANY] 10-21-12, 0400 UTC, 9470 --
Deutsche Welle in English from Kigali at 250kw. News,
including a  piece on the Colombian armed group FARC.
Male interviews female. SINPO 43233.

[CUBA] 10-26-12, 0150, 11760 -- News in Spanish
by female, the abruptly off the air at 0154. Because of
Hurricane Sandy, I assume? SINPO was 44344 before
this. Checked back at 0205z, male was reading news
but signal was very weak now, seemingly off air again
at 0207.

[ROMANIA] 10-26-12, 0200, 11795 -- Radio Romania
in Spanish. ID at top of hour, then intro by male and
female. Headlines by female at 0202; King Michael's
birthday, news about budget and economy in Romania
and Europe. SINPO 43344, very good signal.

[USA/TAIWAN] 10-26-12, 0212, 9680 -- Radio Taiwan
in English transmitted from Okechobee, FL. Male and
female talk about Taiwan government giving people
subsidies to have children (!), also talk about decreased
wages in the country, $12K a year is the average now,
among lowest in developed world, but optimism was
expressed. SINPO 43344, some light interference and
fading on occasion, but very good all around.

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