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Monday, January 28, 2013

Radio Habana Cuba QSL card

Way back in July 2012, I sent Radio Habana Cuba a QSL request by
email to, for shortwave reception on 11750 khz. For
some reason, that doesn't sound quite right at the moment. Buuut, I'm
too lazy to check my logs. And let's face it, what frequency doesn't RHC
broadcast in? Does it even matter?

Several months later (early January  2013) I received a QSL package
from Cuba in the mail. The envelope was badly torn, basically open;
this happens to my correspondence from Iran as well, so no real surprise
there. Free countries (unlike Cuba?)  routinely open and check their
citizens' mail, right? Aaaanyway...Pictures of the QSL (back and front)
are below, along with a postcard and Jose Marti pocket calendar .
Thanks, RHC!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CVC La Voz Responds Regarding QSLs

Back on August 18th, 2012, religious broadcaster CVC La Voz
transmitted on shortwave from Chile for the last time. I, and many
others, immediately sent them QSL requests. Nothing had been
heard from CVC since then, at least as far as I knew.

Finally, today, I received a mass email explaining the delay, as well
as a spreadsheet showing who had been sent a QSL already (with
full names and postal addresses on it. Yikes!!). Unfortunately/
fortunately, I wasn't on the list, and it seems not everyone who
wrote will receive a QSL, although a picture of a blank QSL card
was attached to the email (pictured at the end of this post). The
body of the email is pasted below, in English and Spanish.

Dear listeners and friends,

First of all I would like to thank you for your reports of the last week of
transmission of CVC La Voz in shortwave. We closed transmissions few
months ago and we have been dismantling the site during these months so
we will be finishing probably this month. I’m sorry for the delay in this
response, but we have been in a complicated process from the technical,
administrative and personal point of view, and because we have
experimented a reduction in personnel as well, we have been late in
sending the QSL requested. But, during this month we have been sending
a lot of QSL , and due the quantity of requests and reports we received,
it will be difficult to send responses to everybody. All of the messages
and reports showed us that they were lot of people listening to our signal
and this satisfied us a lot. By now, an in the case you don’t receive the
QSL physically, I’m attaching a scan of it.Also I’m attaching a list of
QSL sent already.Personally speaking, I’ll stop working for CVC
soon, so this email address will stop working soon. Thanks again for
all your messages and reports! Kind regards,

Estimados radio escuchas y amigos,Quiero primero saludarlos y
agradecerles por sus reportes de sintonía de la última semana de
transmisión de CVC La Voz por onda corta. Ya hace varios meses
cerramos las transmisiones y hemos estado en proceso de
desmantelamiento de la planta la cual está finalizando este mes. Quiero
también disculparme por la demora en esta respuesta, pero hemos estado
pasando por un proceso complicado desde el punto de vista técnico,
administrativo y personal producto de este cierre, y debido a esto y a la
reducción drástica de personal que hemos experimentado, es que hemos
tardado en enviar las QSL respectivas. Sin embargo, durante este mes
estamos enviando una gran cantidad de ellas, pero temo que, debido
a la demanda que tuvimos de esta QSL final, quizás no sea posible el
enviársela a todos y cada uno. Hemos recibido demasiadas cartas y
mensajes tanto vía email como por correo postal, lo que nos demuestra
la gran cantidad de gente que nos escuchaba, lo cual nos deja muy
satisfechos. Por ahora estoy adjuntando una copia escaneada de esta
QSL y esperamos que dentro de este mes podamos hacérsela llegar a
la mayor cantidad de ustedes.Adjunto también la lista de las tarjetas
QSL ya enviadas.En lo personal, ya prontamente dejaré de trabajar
para CVC, por lo que esta dirección de correo dejará de funcionar
próximamente.Me despido agradeciendo nuevamente sus mensajes
y reportes.

Un saludo cordial!
Antonio Reyes Barriga
Gerente General
Sitio de Onda Corta
CVC La Voz