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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Voice of Russia B12 Schedule

Straight from Voice of Russia, here is their B12 shortwave schedule,
good from October 28, 2012 to March 30, 2013. Download from
the link below, document is in Word format (.doc).


Monday, October 29, 2012

IRIB's Weird-Ass QSL Propaganda Jamboree

On August 11, 2012, at 0340 UTC, I heard the Islamic Republic of
Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) English language broadcast, Voice of Justice
on 13650 khz. E.W., of the blog Cobalt Pet suggested I email them
a QSL request, because they normally send out some pretty interesting
stuff. I emailed them at, and within a few days,
received an acknowledgement by email, with an IRIB shortwave schedule
attached, letting me know my QSL would be mailed soon. So, in early
October, I find a large, heavy envelope from Iran stuffed into my mailbox.
It looked like it may have been opened and re-sealed (USPS? Homeland
Security?). Inside I found a pretty crazy array of Iranian propaganda.

Besides  my QSL card, there was a 2012 calendar, a copy of "Islamic
Awakening" magazine, a copy of "ZamZam" (seemingly a children's
magazine), a thank you letter, a copy of IRIB's radio schedules and two
books, one of them titled "Islam, The West and Human Rights". I've
read a couple of dozen pages of the book, as well as some of "Islamic
Awakening".  No big surprises as far as the content. The main theme
seems to be that human rights do best under Islam, and that all people
should have all kinds of freedoms...but only within the confines of
presumably fundamentalist Islam. Oh, and the West is imperialist.
While I acknowledge that theUSA has a very bad track record with
Iran (we've helped overthrow their government at least once, and
supported the tyrannical Shah, among other blunders), the tone of
propaganda like this (and Radio Habana Cuba's) seldom ceases to
amuse me.

This book also has a full color, page-sized photo of the late Ayatollah
Khomeini a few pages into it. Creepy. The other book is called
"Spirituality and Politics From Imam Khomeini's Viewpoint". I haven't
done more than skim through this one, but I don't expect the content
to be much different. All in all, a fairly impressive QSL package, even
if I find myself largely disagreeing with the ideas it is trying to promote.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Recent shortwave logs from Euless, TX

Country in brackets is the country of transmission. If 
two countries are in brackets, first one is transmitter site,
followed by the country of origin. After that, the date, 
time and frequency in kHz is listed.  All times in UTC and 
all stations  heard on TECSUN PL-380 portable with the 
radio's  telescoping whip antenna. All stations heard from
a second floor patio in Euless, TX, USA. 

[RWANDA/GERMANY] 10-21-12, 0400 UTC, 9470 --
Deutsche Welle in English from Kigali at 250kw. News,
including a  piece on the Colombian armed group FARC.
Male interviews female. SINPO 43233.

[CUBA] 10-26-12, 0150, 11760 -- News in Spanish
by female, the abruptly off the air at 0154. Because of
Hurricane Sandy, I assume? SINPO was 44344 before
this. Checked back at 0205z, male was reading news
but signal was very weak now, seemingly off air again
at 0207.

[ROMANIA] 10-26-12, 0200, 11795 -- Radio Romania
in Spanish. ID at top of hour, then intro by male and
female. Headlines by female at 0202; King Michael's
birthday, news about budget and economy in Romania
and Europe. SINPO 43344, very good signal.

[USA/TAIWAN] 10-26-12, 0212, 9680 -- Radio Taiwan
in English transmitted from Okechobee, FL. Male and
female talk about Taiwan government giving people
subsidies to have children (!), also talk about decreased
wages in the country, $12K a year is the average now,
among lowest in developed world, but optimism was
expressed. SINPO 43344, some light interference and
fading on occasion, but very good all around.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shortwave, mediumwave and FM logs for 10/10 to 10/11/12 from near Yucatan, MX

Me and  my wife Emily went on a honeymoon cruise
to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico last week, and
I was able to do a little DXing from our room balcony
on the way from the port of Progreso to Cozumel on
10/10/12, and on the way back from Cozumel on
10/11/12, both times in more or less the same area.
Logs start after my standard disclaimer below:

Country in brackets is the country of transmission. If 
two countries are in brackets, first one is transmitter site,
followed by the country of origin. After that, the date, 
time and frequency in kHz is listed. I neglected to notate 
times on some stations. All times in UTC and all stations 
heard on TECSUN PL-380 portable with the radio's 
telescoping whip antenna. All stations heard from the 
balcony of our stateroom on the starboard side of the 
Carnival Triumph cruise ship, halfway between Progreso 
and Cozumel, Mexico. Approximate location for both 
10/10 and 10/11 loggings is latitude, 21.828187, 
longitude -88.308105.


[MEXICO] XEZ 105.1 FM, Grupo Formula Yucatan, Merida.
Business related talk and advertisements in Spanish. Average signal.

[MEXICO] Planeta XHRRF 88.5 FM, Merida. Ad for 'Partido del
Trabajo' (Worker's Party) in Spanish, then music.

[MEXICO] Retro 103.1 FM, Merida, old American pop music, "Power
of Love" by Huey Lewis. Web:

[CUBA] 2317z, 1620 AM, Radio Rebelde Cuba. Sports and news by
male, station ID heard. SINPO 32222.

[MEXICO] 94.5 FM, XHVG? Two males talk about the Zeta leader
killed recently. I seemed to hear an ID mentioning Radio Formula Yucatan.

[UNIDENTIFIED] 2315z, 1530 AM. OM talk, weak signal. No info
online. VOA per Aoki??? Wrong time, though.


[UNIDENTIFIED] 2216z, 11850 khz. Foreign language talk,
weak. KSDA-AWR Guam, or Vatican Radio per Aoki??? Another

[SAUDI ARABIA] 2216z, 11820. Male chant in Arabic. Radio

[TURKEY] 2218z, 9830. Male reads news in English. Voice of
Turkey per Aoki A12. SINPO 33222.

[CUBA] 2220z, 9810 & 9710.  RHC in Spanish, female talks in
piece about historic Cuban hotel. SINPO 44454.

[UNIDENTIFIED] 2222z, 9955. Foreign language, male talk.
34333. Maybe WRMI??

[BONAIRE] 2224z, 15265. NHK World in Japanese transmitted
from the former Netherlands Antilles. SINPO 44444.

[HONDURAS] 2230z, 630 AM. Radio America, "Hora del
Cafe" w/ host Victor Manuel Zelaya, talks to male about the coffee
industry in Honduras. Religious talk at 2259, then news show at
2300, "Expreso Informativo", with various announcers. SINPO
34333. Listened off an on to this station for nearly an hour.

[COLOMBIA] 2305z, 1170 AM. Radio Caracol,  ID @ 2309.
Sports news in Spanish by male. Weak, but completely readable.
A real surprise to hear this from the waters off Yucatan.

[MEXICO]  2310z, XHYI , Mix 93.1 FM, Cancun. Pop music
in English, Queen's "I Want To Break Free"... the long version that
I rarely get to hear. Queen's music was everywhere in Progreso
and Cozumel, the Mexicans are obviously fellow fans of the band.

[BRAZIL] 2320z, 11780. R. Nacional da Amazonia, male talk
in Portuguese. Weak signal, but I could tell it was Brazil.

[SPAIN] 2321z, 9535. R. Exterior Espana, news by male in
Spanish, transmitted from Noblejas. SINPO 55455.

[GREECE] 2323z, 9420. Voice of Greece, YL talk in Greek,
SINPO 24232.

[ALBANIA / CHINA] 2324z, 7210. Weak, Chinese/Spanish
language lessons. CRI, transmitted from Cerrik, Albania.

[USA] 2325z, 15000. WWV from Colorado, very weak.

[UNIDENTIFIED] 2330z, 14240. Ham operator? Distorted,
male voice.

[GUATEMALA] 2344z, 4055. Spanish talk, weak. Radio
Verdad, from Chiquimula, Guatemala, per Aoki. This seems
to be an evangelical religious station.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

QSL from NHK World's Spanish Service (Japan)

On 5 September, 2012, at 0940 UTC, I heard NHK World Radio --
in Spanish -- on 6080 khz (it was logged here). The transmission came
from the trasmitter in Bonaire, in the southern Caribbean. I promptly
went to their website and filled out the the contact form requesting a
QSL. Less than three weeks later, I received a long, slim white
envelope from Japan. It contained the QSL card (filled out by hand),
a radio schedule poster, a postcard and a flier promoting the Spanish
service. The package also included a blank reception report form for
future QSL requests. It could be folded to make its own envelope.

The image below shows the postcard on top, and the front of the
QSL card (the pointy hat one) at the bottom. Below that image,
you can see the back of the QSL card, and the last image is
the Spanish service promotional sheet.

Me and my wife just got back from a honeymoon cruise to Mexico,
and I was able to log some interesting stations.  More on that in an
upcoming post!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Voice of Croatia A12 Schedule

I know this is only good until 10/28/12, but just in case you were
wanting to listen to Voice of Croatia until the new schedule is
published, you can download their A12 schedule here. I
received this file as an attachment to an e-mail reply to a
QSL request I had sent VOC.

I hadn't made a new post in a while, as I had been busy
getting married to my lovely lady, Emily.  We're going on our
honeymoon in a few days, so there's probably not going to
be any postings until the middle of October. See you all then!