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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shortwave logs from Euless, TX for 8/30/12 to 9/5/12

Country in brackets is the country of origin of the
transmission, and not necessarily the transmitter site,
unless specified. If two countries are in brackets, first
one is transmitter site. After that, the date, time and
frequency in kHz is listed. All times in UTC and all
stations heard on TECSUN PL-380 portable in
Euless, Texas, USA, with 25 foot reel wire antenna,
on a second floor, unless otherwise noted. Recordings
made with Olympus VN-120PC digital recorder,
with line input from SW receiver.

[GERMANY / CROATIA] 08-30-12, 0210, 9925 --
Radio Croatia in English from Wertachtal, per Aoki A12.
Male and female read frequencies for RC. I seem to
have tuned in near the end of their very brief English
broadcast (15 minutes). SINPO 43333, pretty good.

[ROMANIA] 08-31-12, 0218, 11795 -- Radio Romania
International in Spanish. Fem. talks about Romanian
architecture, music at 0222. Some noise but otherwise
 a very good signal, 45344. Txmitter is Tiganesti,
 Romania, per Aoki, 300 kw.

[EGYPT] 09-01-12, 0255, 9315 -- Finally, a sort-of-okay
signal from Radio Cairo! Some fading at first, lots of
noise, but I can at least tell more or less what I'm hearing.
Per HFCC & Aoki, this should be English. Can't know
for sure, because I listened for about 10 minutes and all I
heard was Middle Eastern music. Which was nice, but I
didn't hear any talk or an ID at the top of the hour (0300).
Tuned away at 0302, came back at 15. Music remained on,
signal was still okay, SINPO 32333. Made a recording,
link to listen or download is below:

[MAURITANIA] 09-01-12, 0304, 7245 -- Per Aoki, this
is Radio Mauritania in French/Arabic...or it's Voice of
Tajik. The latest of Glenn Hauser's DX Listening Digests
seems to agree that this is most likely Mauritania. This
and Egypt...must be a good night for propagation from
Africa, because I rarely hear Egypt (never as well as
tonight) and this is my first time getting anything on
this freq. Signal was unfortunately terrible, 21211,
distorted w/ lots of interference. Heard what may have
been a male talking, perhaps chanting.

[CUBA] 09-02-12, 0615, 5800 -- Morse code message,
sounded repetitive, but no idea what the content was.
On for at least 10 minutes. Per Aoki, this is a Cuban
spy station. Makes sense. SINPO 44334.

[COSTA RICA / SPAIN] 09-02-12, 1840, 17850 --
Great signal for Radio Exterior, in Spanish. Two males
comment on recently finished live football game (I
wanna say Real Madrid vs Levante). Paralympics
coverage at 1845, Spain won 2 new medals in London
that day. SINPO 55455, txmitter is Cariari, Costa Rica.

[BONAIRE / JAPAN] 09-05-12, 0940, 6080 -- NHK
World in Spanish, transmitted from the former Nether-
lands Antilles. Surprisingly strong, SINPO 55455. News
about fighting in Syria, North Korea's assembly meeting,
a flood control system in Thailand, among others.

[SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE / USA] 09-05-12, 1445,
17530. Voice of America's news show "International
Edition", in English, from the Pinheira txmitter @ 100kw,
per Aoki. News by OM, editorial about US government's
position on women's rights at around 1455. Off air at
1500. SINPO 34333.


  1. Regarding Cuba 5800, one theory is that the morse messages are using so-called cut numbers, or letters that have a similar dot-dash sequence to the digits. This makes transmissions shorter as there are ten unique sequences that are shorter than five bits each.

  2. Very interesting, thanks for the info...I wonder for how much longer the Cubans plan on using shortwave so heavily for their presumed espionage work.