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Friday, September 14, 2012

Voice of Croatia e-QSL

Back on July 30th, I heard Voice of Croatia in English on one
of their "summer" frequencies, 9925 khz. A few days later I
began one of numerous attempts to send the station a reception
report and QSL request. First I tried the main email address
on Voice of Croatia's website, That promptly got
returned, as the account was "over quota". I tried a couple of
more addresses I found online. Same thing. I thought I was
going to have to send VOC my request by...uggghh...snail
mail. But, finally, I found a good e-mail address on someone's
blog (probably this one). So I e-mailed
on September 12, and the next day, I received an electronic
QSL attached to an email, along with a VOC schedule.Woo-
hoo!! I feel like I really earned this one. Take a gander below.
You can download for a better look at this link.

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