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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shortwave Logs for May, 2013

Country in brackets is the transmitter site and not
necessarily the country of origin, unless specified.
If two countries are in brackets, first one is
transmitter site. After that, the date, time and
frequency in kHz is listed. All times in UTC and
all stations heard on TECSUN PL-380 portable in
Euless, Texas, USA, with 25 foot reel wire antenna,
on a second floor, unless otherwise noted.

[BRAZIL] 05-09-13, 0210, 6180 -- Radio Nacional de
Amazonia in Portuguese. Two males probably talking
about a futbol game. Reception marred by loud whine
and interference . Not as good as R. Nacional on
11780, where it is almost always excellent. SINPO

[SPAIN] 05-09-13, 0215, 9535 -- Radio Exterior de
Espana in Spanish from Noblejas at 350 KW, per Aoki.
One female interviews another, apparently regarding
a book on Cuba. SINPO 44444, somewhat better than
normal for this frequency.

[MOLDOVA/RUSSIA] 05-09-13, 0220, 9665 -- Voice of
Russia in English from Kishinev-Grigoriopol, Moldova.
Two males talk, can't quite tell what about. Bad
interference and noise. SINPO 42322.

[EGYPT] 05-09-13, 0223, 9720 -- Radio Cairo in English
from Abu Zaabal, 250kw. Female talks, hard to understand
due to noise, but could tell it was English. SINPO
33222. Also heard R Cairo w/ Middle Eastern music on
05-16-13 on 9965 khz, 0055 UTC, similar reception.

[USA/TAIWAN] 05-13-13, 0108, 11565 -- R. Taiwan Intl
in Spanish from Okechobee, FL. News by male, relations
w/ PRC, then weather. This followed by details on some
sort of contest. SINPO 44334.

[TURKEY] 05-13-13, 0113, 9770 -- Voice of Turkey,
500kw from Emirler. Spanish. News by female, Israeli
budget, other world news. Muddy, mediocre reception
at best. SINPO 33222.

[ROMANIA] 05-13-13, 0118, 9700 -- Radio Romania Intl
in French. Male interviews female. Some fading but otherwise
very good, SINPO 55455.

[AUSTRALIA] 05-13-13, 0120, 19000 -- Radio Australia
Intl from Shepparton @ 100 kw, end of reggae-sounding song, 
then ID at 0121. Female interviews German/Tongan female
artist from Auckland. SINPO 44333. Heard the same on 21740,
as normal.

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