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Monday, August 17, 2015

Postcards From Around The World: What Is A QSL Card?

A QSL card is what a radio station (or amateur radio operator) will
send a listener as confirmation of a reception report. For example,
if I hear ham radio operator KP4X3 on my receiver, I'll send him or
her a letter or e-mail letting that operator know that I heard their
transmission. Normally, you would specify what date and time you
heard them and on what frequency. It is also common to state what
equipment you were using when you heard the transmission. Sending
this information to the radio operator helps the operator know how
far his or her signal is travelling, how well it can be heard and
whether any tweaks or alterations need to be made to the equipment.

In turn, the radio operator will send a "QSL card", which is often
a postcard, to the listener. This card serves to confirm that what
the listener heard was indeed correct, and that the information
submitted by the listener matches details of the transmission. 'QSL'
is radio code for "do you confirm receipt of my transmission?" or
"I confirm receipt"...[CONTINUE READING]

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