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Saturday, March 16, 2013

SW Logs from February 2013, from Euless, TX

Country in brackets is the transmitter site and not
necessarily the country of origin, unless specified.  If

two countries are in brackets, first one is transmitter
site. After that, the date, time and frequency in kHz is
listed. All times in UTC and all stations heard on
TECSUN PL-380 portable in  Euless, Texas, USA,
with a 6 foot wire antenna, on a second floor, unless
otherwise noted.

[ROMANIA] 02-02-13, 0435, 6130 -- Radio
Romania International in English. Female reads
listener mail. Good signal, SINPO 44344. Per
Aoki, 300 kw from Galbeni, Romania.

[INDIA] 02-02-13, 2148, 9445 -- All India Radio
from Bengaluru at 500 kw. Lots of what was
presumably ambient noise, but still very readable.
Indian/South Asian music, SINPO 33222. First
time ever hearing AIR here in Texas! And the last,
for all I know.

[USA] 02-02-13, 2202, 8420 -- WLO, port beacon
in coastal Mobile, Alabama. Heard beeps/data bursts
and could've sworn I heard morse code. A brief
Google search directed me towards some message board
posts, one of them stating that WLO provides "coastal
radio station ship to shore communications", and that
the actual frequency is supposed to be 8421 khz.
SINPO 34233.

[CUBA] 02-03-13, 0943, 9240 -- Cuban numbers
station. YL reads number sequences followed by
data bursts. Abruptly off at 0946, although open
carrier remained. 54455.

[SPAIN] 02-13-13, 0250, 9535 -- Radio Exterior de
Espana, 350 kw from Noblejas. Male talk in Spanish,
then female with literary segment. Started ok, but
deteriorated to SINPO 34222.

[VATICAN] 02-14-13,  0449, 7315 -- Radio Dabanga
in Arabic/Sudanese, directed to Darfur. Transmitted
from Santa Maria di Galera, 250 kw. Two males
talking, then only one male. SINPO 44444, very good

[TUNISIA] 02-14-13, 0452, 7275 -- RTV Tunisia, 500
kw from Sfax. Another first time DX for me! Arabic per
Aoki. Middle Eastern sounding music, SINPO 34333.
Pretty sure these guys don't QSL, but I might try

[ASCENCION ISLAND/UK] 02-14-13, 0455, 7255 --
BBC in English from the Ascension transmitter in
the Atlantic, 250 kw. Weak but readable, SINPO 24112.
Heard male and female announcers.

[FRENCH GUIANA/VIETNAM] 02-14-13, 0457,
6175 -- Voice of Vietnam in Vietnamese from Montsinery,
French Guiana at  500 kw. Male announcer, SINPO

[USA] 02-14-13, 0500, 6030 -- Radio Marti in Spanish
from Greenville, SC at 250 kw, directed towards Cuba.
Sounded like it may have been subject to jamming. Male
reads US government editorial. SINPO 32222, bad.

[NEW ZEALAND] 02-14-13, 0432, 15720 -- Radio New
Zealand International from Rangitaiki @ 50 kw (?!) per
Aoki. Male reads sports news, SINPO 33333.

[UNIDENTIFIED] 02-21-13, 0305, 21895 -- Male talks
in what sounds like Portuguese, SINPO 32222, deteriorates
to 22111 around 0313z. Brazillian radio? Pirate?

[USA/TAIWAN] 02-25-13, 0105, 11565 -- Radio Taiwan
International, 100 kw from Okechobee, Florida. Male
reads news in Spanish. SINPO 34233.


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