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Monday, March 18, 2013

QSLs from Turkey, Cuba and Chile

A couple of weeks ago, I received a response in the mail
to my reception report to Voice of Turkey. I had emailed
them back in November 2012, after I logged them on
shortwave on 9830 khz, on 11/10. I received a QSL card
and a coaster (pictured above). The top of the coaster has
a "prism" effect, which doesn't come through in the pic.

You can contact Voice of Turkey at

Finally received a snail mail QSL from CVC La Voz's Chile
transmitter site! The back of the card is pictured above. The
front can be seen in this post.

Not too long after I received my first Radio Habana QSL
earlier this year, I received another QSL card for reception
on 10/26/12 on 11760 khz (Spanish). As with the first
package, I received a pocket calendar and a postcard
with a scene from Havana along with the QSL itself.

Thank you to Voice of Turkey, CVC and RHC!

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