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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shortwave bands, observations from 8/7/12 to 8/9/12

Tecsun PL-380

Some recent observations from the shortwave bands. All of these were
heard with a Tecsun PL-380 portable with a 25 foot Sangean reel wire
antenna in Euless, Texas, USA. All times in UTC unless otherwise
specified. Frequencies are in kilohertz. Header format is country/date/

[USA] 8/7/12, 0330, 15000 -- Heard WWV with robot
male voice reading the time.Almost right away, I noticed the
tones sounded odd, like they were being  doubled, or overlayed. 
Then when the time announcement came again, I heard the male 
voice, and a second later a female voice. Turns out I was 
hearing WWV (Fort Collins, CO) over WWVH (Hawaii). Both
sounded strong.

[SPAIN] 8/7/12, 2255, 15110 -- Caught the very end of some Radio
Exterior de Espana show. YL & OM read frequencies and times.
Abruptly off the air at 2256. SINPO 55344.

[USA] 8/8/12, 0028, 3260 -- "The Herman Cain Show" and ID for
"Better Life Radio", 1630 AM, Dallas/Fort Worth. WTF? Sounded
great, 55555. But what was this doing on shortwave?

EDIT: Glenn Hauser on DXLD has provided an explanation for
what I heard:
Bill, in Euless you are very close to the transmitter site of 
KKGM 1630, which is somewhere SE of Hurst. Welcome 
to the world of harmonic DXing. Strong MW signals may 
sometimes be heard on integral multiples of their frequency : 
2 x1630 = 3260. This could either be due to actual radiation 
of a fraction of the station`s power on the multiple, or 
produced inside your receiver due to overload. I suspect
the latter since you are so close, and there have been no 
other reports of KKGM being heard on 3260 at a greater 
Thank you to Mr. Hauser for being a living encylopedia of every-
thing broadcasting. Check out his World of Radio at

[TAIWAN] 8/8/12, 0335, 5950 -- Radio Taiwan International in
English. Male announcer, chinese music show. 55455. RTI has
been coming in much more strongly than normal for me this

[RUSSIA] 8/9/12, 0000, 9800 -- Voice of Russia (per VOR's
schedule, which they emailed to me). Terrible modulation,
couldn't make much out. Much better on 15425, which I 
checked at 0230, and had news headlines by OM and ID.

[ROMANIA] 8/9/12, 0245, 11945 -- Per,
this would be Radio Romania in Spanish. Very weak and noisy,
but could make out choral-sounding music, OM speaking Spanish
at 0247, but couldn't make out enough to know what was going
on. I'll go with this being R. Romania.

[BRAZIL] 8/9/12, 0255, 11780 -- Radio Nacional da Amasonia,
strong and clear, 55455. Male announcer in Portuguese, ID and
jingle was played. Then, a different OM comes on, talking
very animatedly for a few minutes, no idea what about. I know
Spanish, but not Portuguese, unfortunately.

[CHINA] 8/9/12, 0300, 9790 -- Carrier signal for a couple of
minutes, then "Beijing Hour" show abruptly blasts into my
headphones at top of the hour, scaring the sh*t out of me
during a brief moment of distraction. Male announcer in English.
54455, great reception on this and other stations that hadn't
been sounding all that greatlast week. Propagation conditions
must've been very good this night, since it wasn't just CRI
coming in perfectly.

[ROMANIA] 8/9/12, 0300, 9645 -- English service this time. 
YL reads news: Angela Merkel visits Moldova, spat between 
Sweden and Belarus, fighting in Aleppo, Syria. Strong, 55444.

[AUSTRALIA] 8/9/12, 1230, 11945 -- Got up a little too early
for work (around 7AM central) and decided to go to the patio
for a smoke and some SWLing. Radio Australia in English came
in beautifully. News by OM, including talk about plight of
Tongan immigrants in New Zealand, as well as of Afghan
refugees elsewhere. 55444. 

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