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Monday, August 13, 2012

Shortwave observations from 8/10/12 to 8/13/12

Some observations of shortwave broadcast listening from
August 10 to 13, 2012.

Country in brackets is the country of origin of the
trasmission, and not necessarilly the transmitter site,
unless specified. After that, the date, time and frequency
in kHz is listed. All times in UTC and all stations heard
on TECSUN PL-380 in Euless, Texas, USA, with 25 foot
reel wire antenna, unless otherwise noted.

[SPAIN] 08/10/12, 0247, 6055 -- Radio Exterior de Espana.
Spanish. Two males talking  about sleep and health. Do spaniards
sleep more, or less, compared to other Europeans? Apparently
they get less sleep, due to different work schedules and social
habits. Vely intelesting. Per, this came
from the 350 kw Noblejas transmitter, in Spain itself. SINPO

[USA] 08/10/12, 0300, 4840 -- WWCR, Nashville, TN. Talk show
with two males discussing power company rip-offs. Alex Jones at
0300, "live from Austin". Some talk about blacks and abortion.

[ROMANIA] 08/10/11, 0305, 11795 -- English, Radio Romania
International. "Radio Newsreel", YL reading news.Talk about Olympics,
Romania was ranked 22nd in medals, at the time of the broadcast. Tax
policy, IMF, Romanian budget deficit. End of the contest "My Cultural
Bucharest" announced. Excellent reception, SINPO 54444. Transmitter
loc. Tiganesti, Romania, 300 kw.

[CUBA] 08/11/12, 0320, 11760 -- Spanish, Radio Habana Cuba.
Fidel Castro speech from 8/22/1975 dealing with the anniversary
of the Communist Party of Cuba. SINPO 45444. Recording made
and available at the link:

[CHINA] 08/11/12, 0325, 9690 -- English, China Radio Int'l.
Good signal, 43344. News headlines, then OM on show about
words after 0330. First word for tonight: "anticippointment",a
combination of anticipation and dissapointment. Never heard it
before. Per Aoki, transmitted from Noblejas, Spain @ 350 kw.

[IRAN] 08/11/12, 0345, 13650 -- English, Voice Of Islamic
Republic of Iran. Weak reception, marred by noise, fading in and
out, but was able to make out OM, some talk about drought and
the expected rise in worldwide corn prices. Afghanistan was
mentioned. Per, txmitter is in Sirjan,
Iran. First time hearing this station.

[RUSSIA] 08/11/12, 1330, 15510 -- OM talking in non-English
language. Per Aoki A12 schedule, this is Voice of Russia in
Pashto, presumably directed at Pakistan/Afghanistan. SINPO

[NORTH KOREA] 08/11/12, 1338, 11710 -- Voice of Korea in
English, poor reception, 23222, lost it a few times. Was able
to make out "korean workers" and "Japan", which was mentioned
several times. I'm sure in a less than positive light,
considering the source. Choral-sounding music, YL singer at
1342, more talk at 1346, "1940s...Japan", perhaps talking
about the Japanese occupation of Korea of 1910-1945? First
time station for me, recording made:

[CUBA] 08/13/12, 1220, 11760 -- Happy Birthday, Fidel Castro!
I always remember, because he shares a b-day with my sister.
Turned this on before work at around 7:20 AM CDT, Spanish,
OM talking about how USA & Co. are paying off Syrian diplomats
to defect and turn against Assad. Syrian official in Mauritania
was offered at least a million, plus $20k/year to defect. I
can't verify that independently, atm. Great signal, just using
the Tecsun's telescoping antenna, no wire! SINPO 55455.

[NEW ZEALAND] 8/13/12 -- Web QSL received today in my e-mail
for my reception report on 6/26/12, 0300-0310 UTC, 15720 khz,
from their "Thompson CSF 100 kw transmitter is located at
Rangitaiki, east of Lake Taupo, and is linked to our studios
in Wellington, 340 kms south of the town Taupo." From Adrian
Sainsbury, Frequency Manager. Pictured below.


  1. Nice logs! I found your blog via reddit. You should try to get a QSL card from Iran. I sent them a reception report for their Voice of Justice English broadcast and got a big packet in the mail with a QSL card and magazines. BTW what equipment are you using for shortwave reception?

  2. Thanks, buddy! I do want to QSL Iran, I just haven't gotten around to finding the contact info. Would you happen to have an email address for them?

    I use a Tecsun PL-380 battery powered portable receiver with
    a Sangean 25 foot reeled wire antenna, on a second floor
    patio. The patio faces a courtyard, no powerlines in sight,
    so it helps a lot w/ the noise. The PL-380 is excellent and
    has some real nice features, especially for around $50.

    Thanks for letting me know how you got to my blog too!

  3. Sure, I emailed my reception report to . Their website is . I'll eventually have a post of my own about everything they mailed me.

    Sounds like you have a good listening location there. I'm familiar with the PL-380 but I don't have one. Are you hearing any momentary muting from weak or noisy signals?

  4. Thanks for the address! I just sent the mullahs a nice email,
    let's see what happens. I can't say I've noticed any muting from
    crappy signals on the PL-380. To me, the ETM band scanning feature alone makes it worth it, but I have used some pretty crappy
    radios in the past, so I could just be easy to please.

    Cool blog, btw, and thanks for the link! I'll return the favor
    here in a second.